In this section you will find information about the communities and people whom I know personally and who made a difference on my journey through workshops, retreats, books, conversations – plenty of blessings to each and every one of you!

I found the evolution of my consciousness happened via two paths:

  • Spiritual work – This includes meditation and reconnecting with the soul;
  • Body work – Increasing the body awareness and conscious kitchen.

There is a richness of resources and events that anyone can participate in throughout various parts of the globe. Please visit the below links for detailed information on the upcoming workshops and courses or to download meditations.


Openhand Foundation (Events in UK, US, Belgium, Finland, Australia)

Openhand Foundation is a worldwide community dedicated to providing tools for the evolution of consciousness. Open, Trinity and Fiona put together workshops and retreats and provide safe space for people to go deep into their belief systems, identities and retrieve the lost parts of their souls. They maintain a vibrant,  in-depth and open to anyone article/blog site. Openhand is a non-for-profit organization and the extra proceeds are reinvested in the cause. This means the events are affordable!

  • For the Openhand Philosophy click here
  • For FREE guided meditations by Open and Trinity click here
  • For “5 Gateways” movie click here


Body Intelligence (Events in Canada, France, UK, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India)

Ged Sumner is a teacher and mentor that helped me realize the importance of the full embodiment. He teaches Biodynamic Craniosacral, Chi Kung and awareness meditation around the world. He is the author of several great books and one of the most senior tutors at Body Intelligence.

Ged’s meditations and teachings will take you deeply into your body and into a living presence of the intelligent forces of nature within you!

  • For FREE body awareness meditations, course information and books click here
  • For free Chi Kung videos and workshops information click here

Trinity Conscious Kitchen – Recipes for spiritual evolution (Events in the UK)

Nurturing our bodies through conscious eating enables our bodily vehicles to express more and feel more. Trinity provides wonderful recipes for plant-based, wheat-free, conscious cuisine without refined sugar. She’s been guided to create a plethora of new, original, vibration raising recipes from scratch. Her cooking has inspired me and many of our friends to adopt a much more conscious way of eating. What I find very special about Trinity is that she found the way to make vegan meals taste soooo good!

Please feel free to post information about communities you found resourcing in your spiritual evolution (see the comments section below).