I conduct the BCS sessions in my treatment room in Calgary or Client’s home.

  • Before the treatment I will ask you about your general health history. This includes past hospitalizations, accidents, chronic conditions and your current well-being.
  • We will chat about your session expectations and previous experiences with healing modalities.
  • I will answer any questions you may have and we will proceed towards the treatment table.


  • A session is conducted on a massage table and the Client remains fully clothed.
  • In the biodynamic approach (as opposed to biomechanical) we do not use any force or tissue manipulation.
  • The practitioner’s touch is light and neutral. Even though there is no tissue manipulation you may feel sensations such as  heat, pulling, tingling, emotional release, etc. These shifts are generated by your body and are always an indication of reconnecting with one’s health.
  • I always begin and end at the ankles and will most likely touch in at the head, possibly at sacrum and /or other joints, depending on how the treatment is going.
  • You don’t have to keep quiet during the treatment as feedback enhances the process. I will help you focus your attention on your body’s subtle communication and we will work together to enhance its expression towards well-being.


  • The body gains a healing momentum during a BCS treatment and it usually takes up to 3 days to integrate the physical and emotional shifts. During this time it is good to be gentle with oneself and drink plenty of water.
  • The treatment follows expressions dictated by your body. It may increase your general body awareness and your ability to find health on your own.
  • The number of treatments you will need depends on the nature of your healing process. I will discuss this with you and we will decide on the best plan for your current circumstance. Usually, as your body responds there is less need for frequent sessions, however monthly “maintenance” sessions are recommend.

When we begin to listen to our body and let go of unnecessary stress we experience greater quality of life as well as expansion of consciousness.


This glossary of the Biodynamic Craniosactal terms is based on the writings by Franklyn Sills.

Becker’s Three Phases of the Healing Process: There are three commonly expressed healing stages as the holistic shift deepens and potency shifts within the fluid body towards an inertial fulcrum:

  1. Seeking –  The potency, fluids and tissues are sensed to be seeking a state of balance or equilibrium around and within the inertial fulcrum. This may be sensed as eccentric motions within the fluids and tissues around the inertial area.
  2. The state of balance – A state of dynamic equilibrium of the forces within the fulcrum, suspended within all three bodies. When the forces within the fulcrum enter this state, potency will act to resolve the conditional forces within the inertial site. Healing processes of various kinds are then engaged. The practitioner and client may sense pulsation, heat, fluctuations of fluid, resolution and dissipation of conditional forces as heat and permeation of potency from the wider fluid body into the inertial area.
  3. Reorganization and realignment – A settling of a system after the shift is completed. is sensed and the third phase, that of reorganization and realignment of the fluid-tissue field to natural midlines and natural automatic shifting fulcrums, is engaged.

Biodynamics: A term denoting the nature of the creative forces at work, which organize our mind-body system from embryological development, throughout life. It implies that all growth and development is an interconnected whole constantly shaping without a permanent reference point or static cause (see “potency”).

Biosphere: Term for the whole of the body and its local field of energetic interaction. The biosphere consists of the physical body, its anatomy and physiology; the fluid body, including the potency or life force that enlivens it; and the local bioelectric ordering matrix which is suspended in the tidal body of Long Tide.

Breath of Life: William Sutherland’s term for the mysterious and sacred presence that connects all of creation to its Source. As part of its creative functions, the Breath of Life generates the ordering forces of life—primary respiration and its ordering potency. When the Breath of Life comes to the forefront of awareness, one’s heart is cast open in love and compassion for all beings. The experience of the Breath of Life in a clinical session totally changed Doctor Sutherland’s understanding of his work.

Conditional forces: The inevitable forces met in life, which may affect the human system, if not resolved in some way. These include traumas of all kinds, birth process, pre- and perinatal experience, developmental trauma, emotional shock, toxins, pathogens and even genetic disorders.

Cranial field: Denotes the scope of work developed by many teachers and practitioners in osteopathic and craniosacral practice.

Cranial rhythmic impulse (CRI): A composite rhythm that resembles experiencing internal waveforms. Its expression includes autonomic activation, unresolved history and related unresolved inertial fulcrums, manifesting as a relatively fast and variable rhythmic impulse (6-14 cycles a minute). It is not a tide, but is more like ocean waves moving erratically on top of the tide.

Creative Intelligence: A term that denotes the mysterious intelligence from which all creation emerges and all things arise and return to. Dr. Sutherland used the term “Intelligence with a capital I” to denote the inherent intelligence at work within the human system and all of life.

Dantian (Tan Tien): The Chinese term for an energetic, primary ordering and organizing fulcrum. The three Dantians are located at the umbilical center , heart center and third ventricle, which are the major fulcrums of Sutherland’s ignition process.

Dynamic Stillness: The ground of dynamic and alive stillness that holds the potential for all form and from which the Breath of Life and primary respiration emerges. It is an implicate field that supports all form and function within the human mind-body system. It is perhaps similar to David Bohm’s concept of the implicate order in physics; an underlying field of infinite potential which underlies all of explicate reality. Bohm believed that the universe is an explicate expression of the play of consciousness, an implicate realm that underlies all form.


Fluid-tissue field: Fluids and tissues form a unified field of action that manifests in a matrix-like fashion. When the holistic shift deepens, the tissue field settles and softens and it returns to a holistic, fluid state, where the forces of primary respiration come to the forefront.

Fulcrum: Denotes an organizing point or location around which form and motion are coordinated—a coalescence of potency that organizes form and motion.

Health: the understanding of health in biodynamics is very different from what is commonly understood. Commonly, one is either healthy or ill. In biodynamics it is understood that health is a manifestation of an ever-present life force and, even in the direst situations, is never lost.

Holistic shift: A primary stage in the unfolding of the inherent treatment plan where the client’s system settles out of conditional forms, tension patterns and the CRI level of rhythm, returns to wholeness and reorients to primary respiration.

Inertial fulcrum: Denotes an organizing fulcrum of unresolved conditional forces. If a conditional force is not resolved at the time of its impact upon the system, the potency will act to “center” it in some way, and an inertial fulcrum is then generated. Potency acts to protect the system from the intrusion of conditional forces by locally coalescing and confining the force to as small an area as possible in order to minimize its effects on the system. This is an expression of health at work as potency acts to protect the system from the impingement of the conditional force. The generation of an inertial fulcrum has repercussions in various ways. Local tissue changes will occur such as density, compression, loss of flexibility, etc., along with changes in tissue motility, both locally and globally. The presence of an inertial fulcrum will also cause changes in the expression of the fluid tide, locally sensed as eccentric fluid fluctuations around the inertial area, and globally sensed as changes in the quality and expression of the fluid tide. It will also generate sensitization in the nervous system in various ways, including the generation of stress responses and nervous system activation. This is classically called “nerve facilitation”.

Long Tide: A term coined by Becker DO to denote the primary ordering forces generated by the creative intention of the Breath of life. Sutherland called this the “Tide”—the most formative expression of primary respiration, which maintains organizational, protective and healing functions throughout life. It manifests in stable respiratory cycles of 50-second inhalation and 50-second exhalation, within a vast field of action—seeming to move from the horizon to the midline of the human system in a torus-like fashion. The Long Tide supports life and its conditions, but is not affected by these conditions. It is the intrinsic health of the human system, which is always present supporting life, even in the direst circumstances. In clinical settings, it can be oriented to by the practitioner to help stabilize and resolve traumatic activation and entrenched history arising in session work.

Midlines: Organizing phenomenon that are laid down at conception, around which the tissue and fluid bodies are organized. The three primary organizing midlines are the quantum midline, the fluid midline and the primal/notochord midline. The presence of midline organizing phenomenon becomes a direct perceptual awareness in biodynamic practice.

Mid-tide: A term that denotes the totality of the holistic expression of primary respiration within the physical and fluid bodies. Potency is the embodied ordering force, fluids are the media for that force, and cells and tissues are ordered and maintained by its action. Within the mid-tide, potency is sensed as a driving force within the fluids, fluids manifest this drive as the fluid tide, and tissues express its ordering principle as motility (inherent motion) oriented to natural fulcrums and the midline. The mid-tide manifests a relatively stable rhythm from 1 – 3 cycles a minute.

Perceptual Field: The wide field of receptive awareness that a practitioner generates and maintains in session work, a holistic field of presence and awareness with the client’s midline at its center, a field within which a practitioner orients and appropriately responds to the particulars of: (1) Dynamic Stillness and primary respiration, (2) the unfolding of the inherent treatment plan, (3) the dynamics of the tidal, fluid and physical bodies, (4) the expression of potency and conditional forces and forms, and (5) the specifics of healing processes which emerge.

Potency: The embodied expression of primary respiration present within the fluids of the body. It is an intelligent life force that has organizational, protective and healing properties and functions to organize cells and tissues from embryological formation, throughout life. It protects the system from the intrusion of conditional forces by locally coalescing and confining the force to as small an area as possible.

Practitioner fulcrums: Denotes the establishment of an inner ground of stillness, within which the practitioner can rest while oriented to clients’ system and arising process. Practitioner fulcrums help the practitioner stay differentiated from—and not merged with—the client’s arising process.

Primary respiration: The ordering and healing principle at work within and around the human system. It manifests within a vast field of action as the Long Tide and its tidal body. It steps-down in intensity within the fluids of the body to manifest as potency, an embodied expression of primary respiration, generating the fluid tide.

Resonance: A process whereby the state of the practitioner, and his or her orientation, resonates within the client’s mind-body system. It is through resonance with the practitioner’s state of presence and orientation to primary respiration, which allows the client to enter a more primary being-state, within which the holistic shift clarifies and deepens and primary respiration comes to he forefront.

Quantum level: A level of reality where organization is based upon sub-atomic quantum effects and quantum order. Recent research has shown that multicellular organisms are organized in quantum fields, literally fields of light.

Quantum touch: a perceptual state described by Rollin Becker DO, where the practitioner’s perceptual field can sense and perceive a quantum level of organization.

Tensegrity: The characteristic property of a stable three-dimensional structure consisting of members under tension and members under compression, which manifest as a unified field of organization.

Tissue field: The tissues of the body as a unified tensile field of action.