“The quicker the mind protests an experience, the greater the depth of truth contained within that event” – Hugh Milne

These are truly exciting times that we live in. Many are waking up to the possibility that the material-based reality is just an illusion and there is much more to life. We instinctively yearn to find our own truth, but the pressures of modern society lock us out of a deeper meaning. Feelings of confusion and separateness may surface, leaving an impression that the world is not what it seems. That is often the beginning of a truly magnificent journey towards awakened living!

I support people experiencing:

  • Rapid spiritual/kundalini awakenings and unexpected shifts of perception
  • Anxiety due to previous physical and emotional trauma
  • Feelings of shame, grief or rage
  • Wanting to move on, but perceiving obstacles as paralyzing
  • Feelings of being lost, not belonging
  • Perceived energetic blockages in the body and the biosphere
  • Feeling stuck and experiencing recurring life patterns

Spiritual Facilitation Sessions

My sessions go beyond intellectual conversation and beyond judgement. I embrace a person exactly where they are at. I hold a strong accepting presence while connecting to a person’s emotional and energetic field. I create a safe environment to allow for free flowing communication.

My sessions unfold organically depending on the person’s needs and expression in the moment. I rely on the elements of the IBT Breakthrough process in the facilitation. I do not tell my Clients what to think or what to do. My role is to facilitate the Client’s own discovery of personal truths. I often imagine myself opening a door for a person, but it is up to them whether to cross that doorway.

My natural propensity is for assisting my Clients with deep and sometimes difficult explorations. This requires courage, but often produces incredible growth. When a shift occurs, a person is able to see their life from an expanded perspective. This infuses clarity and provides a sense of the right action.

I’m often inspired by my Clients’ deep courage to let go of the external drama and I have seen many wonderful transformations. I am profoundly grateful for doing this work and humbled at being able to assist others with their spiritual growth. My work continues to evolve in conjunction with my Client’s growth.

The Openhand Process

The basic element of this process is to become an observer of the internal effects to external events, without forming judgment either of yourself or others. You will soon begin perceiving a greater purpose of life and witness the truth about arising situations. In so doing, you work to release internal attachment and tightness to desired or resisted outcomes.

From the place of the Observer, you begin to liberate yourself from attachment to the external drama. By bringing attention down into the heart, internal tension eases. You can then explore the full beauty of life through your five senses more fully, and begin to sense the subtle vibrations of Unity Consciousness. You start to taste the full depth and divine majesty of the moment. The soul is ignited.

The consciousness of the soul infuses within. You begin to receive internal impulses to make higher truth choices in life. You’re caused to confront conditioned behaviour patterns formed from attachments by the ego to desired or resisted outcomes. By identifying these internal blockages, and then softening into them, you release pent up emotional pain and deeper trauma. You expand into the tightness they generate, dissolve them, and thereby begin to access the “Void of Presence”, a place of infinite potential from which all authentic action arises.

By dissolving conditioned behaviours, you begin to open an internal space through which the soul can shine forth. You attune deeply by applying yourself to full energetic, mental, emotional and physical expression of this authentic beingness. You give yourself completely to “Right Action” – the natural consequence of soul infusion, which is totally aligned with the universal flow. You observe magical, supportive synchronicity, and drop gently deeper into the Void of Presence – a crystal-clear space of infinite potential. You are becoming “the Seer” – ‘who’ you truly are.

The aliveness you long for is already here, in the present moment. You just need to let go and allow your soul to transmute the inertia holding you back into true freedom.